Romance… Nature… And the Magic of Mountain Gods…

Perched on the majestic mountains of Kannan Devan Hills, Blackberry Hills Munnar – Nature Resort & Spa, a nature resorts in Munnar, offers a mystic experience which only Mother Nature can provide. Wake up to watch the mist and sunbeams weave magical patterns all around, take a stroll along the hilly pathways drenched in the aroma of wild flowers, feel the silence of the rocks as ancient as the earth and watch sleepy dales and distant villages down below the valley while you lounge in the shade of Cinnamon trees.

Nestled against the backdrop of the Western Ghats in Munnar, every charming little cottage in Blackberry Hills Munnar, the Best Resorts in Munnar offers magnificent views of the Western Ghats. Time comes to a standstill here, where days are incredibly snail paced. It is truly a jewel among boutique resorts in Munnar.

Open your window and catch a glimpse of the most spectacular sunrise. Experience life flourish in the far-flung plantation village from your balcony or simply whisper sweet nothings to the mist-drenched valley. You cannot get any closer to nature. And that is precisely what we offer.

Visit us to rediscover yourself through a carefully preserved spiritual connection with nature and its creations. All in a homely ambience where our staff treats you like an extended family member.

Simple. Innocent. Pure.

Best Nature Resort in Munnar | Set in the High Ranges of Western Ghats

‘Co-existence’ and responsible tourism is at the centre of all that we do and we strive to protect the native flora and fauna of Munnar and the Western Ghats. We care for every little divine creation of Mother Nature for we believe that all of them play a pivotal role in conservation of life and this magnificent planet called earth – from the Caterpillar worm to the Malabar Giant Squirrel that steals the show on an occasional visit to the retreat. We strive to learn more about nature and to spread awareness about it. We solicit all contributions towards this effort.

For us, the spirit of preservation began right from the inception of our property when we decided to proudly remain small in terms of concrete (just 16 cottages in the vastness of 15 acres land) and to always remain big in our hearts.

Our contribution towards soil conservation through the indigenous Vetiver system is well acknowledged and has even been featured in the official website of the International Vetiver Network. Do carry home a tiller and spread awareness about this wonder grass.

We adore the wilderness and wildlife of Munnar and the mighty Western Ghats. We welcome you to join us!

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