16 cottages, designed with simplicity and comfort in mind, each having individual pathways nestled against Sahya mountain range with endless views of Munnar hills, Western Ghats’ Rainforests and Shola forests and sprawling Kannan Devan tea estates. If you are looking for hotels with jacuzzi in room, you can select our Cirrus Cottage which is perhaps the most beautiful cottage in Munnar  offering the most spectacular views from the balcony and bedroom. If you are looking for hotels with hot tubs, you can choose either our Altos Cottage which are luxury cottages or  our economical Nimbus Cottage . Villa Suites are extra spacious rooms ideal for families with children.

All are valley facing cottages offering best views of Attukad tea estates and endless Sahya mountain ranges.

You are literally on the clouds – physically, mentally and spiritually!

* Cirrus, Altos and Villa Suite – Rooms with balcony | Nimbus – Rooms with sit-out
* This is a hotel with WiFi and internet (Complimentary)
* Check – in time: 1 p.m. | Check – out time: 11 a.m.

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Cirrus Cottages

Cirrus Cottages are our premium category luxury cottages with a living area, bedroom, luxurious bath and a balcony. Cirrus cottages are located at the prime spot of the estate offering the most breath-taking views of the valleys and Attukad tea plantations. Cirrus cottages also have Whirlpool Bath Tubs (Jacuzzi) apart from a rain shower equipped shower cubicle, WC and 2 wash basins. The floor is wooden.

Altos Cottages

Altos Cottages come with a living area, bedroom, luxurious bath and a balcony. They offer valley views with a bit of tree cover. They are almost a replica of Cirrus Cottages but with lesser views because of tree cover. Altos Cottages also have bath tubs and a rain shower equipped shower cubicle apart from WC and 2 wash basins. The floor is wooden. Bear in mind that there is also a version of the same category without a tub but with an extra spacious living room and better valley views. Based on availability either one version will be allotted to you.

Honeymoon cottages in munnar
Honeymoon cottages in munnar

Nimbus Cottages

Nimbus Cottages come with a bedroom, bathroom and a sit-out. Unlike the Cirrus and Altos Cottages, these cottages are located at the ground level and hence may not give you the feeling of being up in the sky. Offer valley views with a bit of tree cover. The bathrooms are equipped with a bath tub and a shower cubicle apart from the WC. The flooring is wood.

Villa Suites

Villa Suites are our legacy cottages which are designed ethnically considering simplicity in mind. They are located at the bottom portion of Blackberry estate (estate is a mountain side) and offer valley views with a bit of tree cover. They come with a spacious living room, bedroom, balcony and bathroom. Bear in mind that Villa Suite bathrooms are quite simple with minimalist design – simple shower and a WC. The flooring is terracotta. Note that all Villa Suites does not have a swing.

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