Unique Resort in Munnar | Unique Off Beat Holiday in Munnar

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Romantic Resort in Munnar | Romantic Destination Kerala

So you just had the best wedding planners and best of the best event managers create a magical fairy tale wedding just like how you always dreamed of since you were a child. Inevitably all the frenzy and craziness of the event had the best of you and now you just want to unwind with […]

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Spa Getaway | Spa Resort in Munnar

Nowadays, most couples are spending time together in one place, but each person is doing different things that don’t promote relationship growth. In living rooms across the world, it’s common to see one person posting comments or making updates on social media while his or her partner plays a video game just a few feet […]

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The Mental, Spiritual and Physical Benefits of a Retreat Vacation

Sometimes it is necessary to escape from the ordinary routine and responsibilities of everyday life; a retreat vacation can be the perfect vacation to help you recharge and rejuvenate spiritually, mentally and physically. 

India is known to be a very spiritual country, where you can rediscover […]

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Best Hotels in Munnar / Best Resorts in Munnar

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Flora of Munnar and Western Ghats

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Wellness and Yoga Resort in Munnar, Kerala

With the evolution of Blackberry Hills Retreat & Spa in terms of facilities and reputation as the top luxury
resort in Munnar, there came along a greater revolution. A revolutionary evolution in our concept. A

reinforcement of our value system that we live for and strive to achieve while every breath is drawn.

Out of these value systems […]

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Zero Risk Slope Farming – Best Method to Stop Soil Erosion

I wonder how many of you who read this blog realize that unless we can slow down soil and fertility loss, rehabilitate unproductive land, and bring farm land back into high levels of production, the world will continue to need more land to feed its growing population resulting in more forest destruction – Cancun agreement […]

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