Nowadays, most couples are spending time together in one place, but each person is doing different things that don’t promote relationship growth. In living rooms across the world, it’s common to see one person posting comments or making updates on social media while his or her partner plays a video game just a few feet away. However, a new study has found that couples who use Facebook excessively are more likely to face problems that may lead to a breakup. This is why it’s imperative that couples should spend quality together sans technology by going on a getaway to the Blackberry Hills Retreat and Spa.

Premium honeymoon resorts in munnar      The effects of technology and social media on a relationship
In order to have a healthy relationship, couples should set aside technology, social media, and the demands of work and everyday life once in a while and set aside a few days to bond in a quiet and peaceful place. You may be using your phone to send sweet messages to your loved one, but excessive use of gadgets to communicate with your partner may negatively impact the way you communicate in person. Being constantly on social media can also put a damper on your relationship as it can raise conflict and be a source of jealousy and anxiety.
If you’re thinking about spending some quality time with your loved one, consider going on a spa retreat that offers holistic wellness and activities that you and your partner will enjoy doing together. Here are 3 ways a spa getaway can revive your relationship.

You get happier
Doing couple workouts with your partner is a great way to stay healthy. Moreover, scientists have found that people who exercise with a partner are more energetic and happier than those who workout alone. When you go on a spa retreat, you can workout at the gym or find other ways to maintain your fitness such as mountain biking or hiking.

It increases feelings of affection
Spa getaways have special couple massages or honeymoon packages wherein you and your significant other can get pampered together. Apart from relieving stress, getting a massage with your partner can also increase feelings of affection as massage stimulates the release of oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine, which are also called feel-good hormones.holistic_welllness at resorts in Munnar

It improves intimacy Some spa retreats offer yoga classes and doing yoga with your partner not only improves both your flexibility and strength, but it can also benefit your relationship. Couples yoga, in particular, can result in increased communication and trust, reduced anxiety, and improved intimacy.

To strengthen your bond and improve your relationship, try going on a spa getaway with your partner this year. Not only will you leave with a renewed spirit, a refreshed mind, and a healthier body, but it will also bring the spark back to your relationship and keep the love alive.