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munnar"surpassingly grand and incomparably beautiful... this is far beyond my power to describe and must be seen to be appreciated.."

Commented General Douglas Hamilton in the year 1862, excited by the celestial beauty of the Kanan Devn Hills of Munnar. Perhaps his was the first comment from a person of the 'civilized' world about this part of the Globe. He was on a mission to defend British Raj from the possible military attack from the ambitious Tippu Sultan of Mysore.


Away from the hustle and bustle of the modern busy routine, Munnar relaxes the soul, reminds us of being what it is like being closer to nature, of the innermost beauty that remains unexplored. One of the most popular hill-resort towns in Kerala and in southern India, Munnar is located on the Western Ghats, situated in the Idukki district. Cool chirpy environment, relaxes the soul and brings the feel of nature and the joy to live with it. Tea Plantations with its scenic beauty will last forever in the mind and ignite the desire to be there again.


The early history of Munnar is not perfectly known today. The early inhabitants of the region are members of the Muthuvan tribal community. However, it had remained a wild and unexplored landscape till the latter half of 19th century when ambitious planters from as far as Europe started plantations here.

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