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Holistic Wellness(More)

Sisal SpaWell comprehending the ten unique domains of a Spa destination highlighted by ISPA - International Spa Association, Sisal Spa is the only spa destination in the pristine Hill station of Munnar in Kerala. Blackberry Hills has slowly graduated to this position over the period of five years. Gaining specialty in spa, it gets quickly associates to the words beauty, wellness and rejuvenation, focusing on therapy, treatment or the massage performed in our tastefully designed treatment room. Sisal Spa could stands out as a mountain wellness destination in the very near future. There is a clear focus and distinct vision behind this dream. Blackberry Hills has become a well adorned Indian bride groom ready to receive her groom, Sisal Spa.


Sisal SpaCome and experience a wellness journey along the ten domains, not just a treatment or Therapy. The element of water is a very subtle inclusion in different forms; steam, hot and cold showers in the well furnished cubicles attached to the spa suits, mist and dews, occasional drizzles and rains graced by nature. Nourishment for the body is well thought as you are served with a either a warm green herbal tea or a traditional gooseberry herbal concoction before any spa ritual is begun. Simple, healthy food is served as supplements during the course of the treatments, example honey glazed sprouts or freshly scooped seasonal fruits, a humble coconut pancake with beaten rice (aval) and black same seeds. The movement is an essential part of life in Blackberry Hills. A simple stroll among the trees and ferns or a light trek towards ths and valley is part of the ritual whether you like it or not. One day we all will be convinced that a sedentary lifestyle is a main cause of our degeneration process.