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Holistic Wellness

Sisal Spa

Relax, Rejuvenate and Refresh

Holistic WellnessWhere pure mountain air & pristine mother nature cast their magic healing spell hand in hand with international wellness services so rejuvenating and world class spa facilities so inviting all under personalized attention of a caring team harmonizing you to your best self physically. mentally. spiritually. Welcome to a world of well being at Sisal!

At Blackberry Hills and Sisal everyone is in a sober yet romantic motion in tune with nature. Touch as an element of Spa is well designed and perfected by Ms. Christina Watson, renowned wellness personality with more than a decade international exposure. "The magical fingers of Sisal wellness associates are a class apart" as commented by a one of our guests recently. The fine elements of aesthetics are well executed in the Spa right from the reception areas to the balcony. The quality and value for money that our guest experience has been our continuous focus as you feel the synchronized movements of the fingers for spiritual, mental and physical healing. The blend of natural essential oils and ingredients are signature elements at Sisal Spa.

Holistic WellnessSisal offers a wide range of wellness services such as:

  • Sisal's Signature Indulgence,
  • International Wellness,
  • Indian Rejuvenation, (eg: Ayurvedic Abhayangam)
  • Spa Body Care, Facial Care and Teasers and Special honey moon packages




Features:Holistic Wellness

  • Spa single suite with steam cabinet for ayurveda therapies attached
    shower cubicle
  •  Spa Couples suite or double room with attached double shower cubicle
  • Double size Carbon far infra red sauna (Italian make ) with inbuilt
     music system
  • Hand hammered copper bath tub for therapeutic herbal baths,
     rejuvenation baths such as rose milk, Marie gold flower, sea salt
  • Spacious wooden deck facing the mystic river and valley for Yoga Thai
     stretch massages and yoga sessions and meditations
  • Spa library