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Green Initiatives
“modern technology owes ecology an apology”
Alan M. Edison


Philosophy & Policy

Blackberry Hills resorts and Spa was born out of a simple conviction- 'To preserve nature' by a committed group of patrons since its inception. In the early 90's as a successful business entity in real estate sector, the company with its panel of eminent directors marched ahead with a vision to make a difference in hospitality industry. Organic approach followed then for a change. Lands were acquired and treated with most modern but natural agricultural methodologies, recuperating the whole landscape from past vagaries. It took a reasonable time frame for converting the site to its natural self, making Blackberry Hills Retreat & Spa one of its kind in its genre.


For its unwavering commitment and innovation towards Mother Nature 'Blackberry Hills Retreat & Spa' was awarded with a 'Certificate of Excellence' by International Vetiver Network . The founders believe in catering to discerning minds preferring to remain amidst the calmness of nature than in the hustle of modernity.

Organic fruits & Spice farm
At Blackberry Hills very negligible attention is given to farming with profit motive, farming is done for the purpose research, zero risk slope farming, organic cultivation of cardamom and coffee, and small quantity of vegetables and fruits like strawberry. We would be more than happy to introduce our guests towards our initiatives towards a cause that would surpass our normal logics and imagination. Our biogas plant and vermin compost gives us cushion to support the organic farming activity.


Green InitiativesGreen InitiativesGreen Initiatives